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Крик Пляж Прибой facts

Крик Пляж Прибой facts

Тип Недвижимости Квартира
Доступные Спальни 1, 2, 3Спальни
Цена от Аэд 1,000,000
Дата Запуска Jun 2019
Владение От Октября 2022
Property Age 51
Диапазон Области 678 - 1526 Футы
Расположение Дубай-Крик

 The Life You’ve Always Dreamt of Beautiful chic apartments with breathtaking views of the Dubai Creek Tower. Following the amazing response to Breeze, Sunset & Bayshore introducing Summer at Creek Beach by Emaar.

Creek Beach offers 1,2,3 bedrooms for amazing offers. Warm golden sands. A plaza full of unique experiences. And a boutique Vida hotel. These are just some of the discoveries that will capture your heart at SURF. A magical place where family living feels like a never-ending holiday.


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