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Насим Таунхаусы facts

Насим Таунхаусы facts

Тип Недвижимости Таунхаус
Доступные Спальни 3, 4Спальни
Цена от Аэд 1,400,888
Дата Запуска Mar 2018
Владение От Декабря 2020
Property Age 51
Диапазон Области 2219 - 2447 Футы
Расположение Площадь Города Дубай

A gated community that offers the finest levels of living and serenity in the city, NASEEM TOWNHOUSES located in Town Square. North West district, welcome the discerning homeowners to offer them the lifestyle they seek and deserve. A fusion of lavish living with unparalleled facilities to provide residents with an incomparable living experience.


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